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Bashir Ahmed Embroidered Kurti Collection 2014 | Single Shirt Printed Collection

Bashir Ahmed Textile is well-known because of its noteworthy colors, efficient designs, unique style, traditional prints and patterns among women of all group ages. Every woman is crazy for abundance and comfortable smoothness of Bashir Ahmed attires. Just a while now Bashir Ahmed Textile has introduced "Bashir Ahmed Printed & Embroidered 'SINGLE SHIRT' Collection 2014", VOL-2. This brand is introducing most exhilarating lawn and cotton prints for the summertime. Up the former decade, apparel trends for ladies have seen everlasting metamorphosis. One of these has been the development of state-of-art and stylish "Kurtis", which has combined an advanced aspect to a girls wardrobe.

Bashir Ahmed Textile - Embroidered Kurti Collection
A New Fashion Of Single Shirt: A Kurtis is comparable to a long shirt and mid length shirt forms. These designer printed and embroidered Kurtis are fashion predominant for women of all ages, and it's true that this attire is must-have for a live summer season. Pakistani or Indian kurtis as well as tunics, as they are labeled in South Asia, modify in likeness, cuts and presentations, and appear with distant embellishments. If you compare present-day modern kurtis then it is quite different and much shorter than traditional long kurtas. Here you can also find digitally printed kurtis which are tailored in urban styled formations. Single shirt printed kurtis are paired with mid length tights and pajamas. Hope you love it.

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