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Elegant Bridal MakeUp Tips From 2014

Wedding day is one of the most important part of the life of every girl. On this day every girl want to get the perfect fashion accessories for the betterment of her beauty. MakeUp is also very important part of fashion without it your fashion and beauty is incomplete. Today we are showing you the latest trend of bridal makeup and makeup tips for applying makeup. Here we will tell you perfect method for makeup. Adopt these techniques and get a elegant makeup for the wedding day.

Compulsory MakeUp Costumes
  • Pan Stick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Eye Shadows powder
  • Blush on powder

Method Of Elegant Makeup

 How you can made a perfect face base for Bridal makeup.
  1. Apply cleaning milk on throat and face properly, do a little massage therapy. Fresh it with genuine pure cotton. If face is oily then clean it with water.
  2. After cleaning the skin, dip the authentic genuine pure cotton in awesome water and put epidermis pick-me-up on wet authentic genuine pure cotton. Pat neck and experience with this authentic genuine pure cotton and let the face dry.
  3. Apply pan keep and distribute all over the throat and face.
  4. Mix fluid system with experience powdered and implement it on the under eye places to secure up them, with the help of comfort let it get absorb.
  5. Implement system on throat and face by means of places and spread it in the same way with hands.
  6. Apply face powdered on throat and face, set it with a authentic genuine pure cotton move.
  7. Pat throat and experience with authentic genuine pure cotton so that the powder get absorb.
  8. Dip authentic genuine pure cotton in amazing water and press all the water from it. Now pat throat and experience again for the elimination of extra powdered.

Face MakeUp:

  1. Apply pan keep through places on face and spread it with the hand.
  2. Apply base on the whole face properly and spread it over all the face as you need.
  3. Implement keep impact on, on have a outstanding range and distribute it towards the paying attention to with hands.
  4. Implement powdered impact on in the same way as you used keep impact on.
  5. Make a full-line on greater eye contains and a 50 % extensive variety under the eye with eye night pen, then implement eye night powder either on finish viewpoint or keep it from the middle. Mixture the evaluation night with eye night brush.
  6. Implement awesome or gold high light on vast majority of the eye according to the outfits.
  7. Create eye-brows using eye temple pen and apparent it with eye temple brush for making the pen colour look comparative and also apply a very thick eye liner.
  8. Apply mascara on the eye lash.
  9. You can apply lipstick directly or making an out line.

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